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The Zero-Dose Learning Hub (ZDLH), established by Gavi, addresses immunization equity by identifying and reaching zero-dose (ZD) and under-immunized children through the use of high-quality data collection. The ZDLH consortium is led by JSI Research & Training Institute, Inc. (JSI), in collaboration with The Geneva Learning Foundation (TGLF) and the International Institute of Health Management Research (IIHMR). Together with four Country Learning Hubs (CLHs) in Bangladesh, Mali, Nigeria, and Uganda, the consortium is addressing the global vaccination gap to reach children with life-saving vaccinations. 

As we embark on this initiative, we invite you to contribute to the ZDLH knowledge base by sharing your learnings on reaching ZD children.


The ZDLH objectives include:

  • Supporting the country learning hubs to implement the IRMMA-aligned learning agenda by providing tailored and collaborative capacity strengthening, technical assistance, and mentorship, including assisting the learning hubs to identify and resolve implementation challenges in immunization programming.
  • Facilitating learning and sharing within and across the CLHs and stakeholders within other Gavi-supported countries to ensure high-impact evidence is used to inform immunization policies, guidance, and programs.
  • Contributing evidence and capturing, synthesizing, and disseminating the breadth of learning in a timely manner across the Alliance, other implementing partners and donors, and regional and global networks to inform policy, guidance, and programming.


Gavi envisions the ZDLH to be a global resource to increase access to key measures, tools, and evidence; improve evidence generation aligned with the IRMMA framework; and improve synthesis, dissemination, sharing, and ultimately use to improve immunization equity.

As a result of the ZDLH, Gavi will possess a deeper and more robust measurement, analyses, and learning about who ZD children are, why they are missed, and how best to reach them in the four LH countries, as well as more systematic learning and synthesis across Gavi countries. Learnings collected through this effort will be shared globally to support policies and programmes.

Read more about Gavi’s 5.0 Learning System to discover how ZDLH fits into Gavi’s overall Learning System Strategy. To learn more about Gavi's specific learning priorities, see page 24, Annex 5, "Learning Questions".