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ZDLH WebinarPro-Equity Strategies to Reach Zero-Dose Children

Join ZDLH for a webinar to explore strategies for advancing equity in immunization, featuring insights from six case studies developed by FHI 360 and IIHMR.  

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Zero-dose (ZD) children is a critical objective in global health, and it is at the heart of the Immunization Agenda 2030 (IA2030) strategy. Coverage for the first dose of diphtheria–tetanus–pertussis (DTP1)-containing vaccine is the global operational indicator used to estimate ZD children.
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In September 2023, the Zero-Dose Learning Hub's (ZDLH) Learning Innovation Unit (LIU), held its second inter-country peer learning exchange, “ZDLH-X,” focused on zero-dose (ZD) and under-immunized (UI) children and missed-community challenges in Nigeria and Uganda.

Learn more about the IRMMA Framework and how you can apply it in your work

The Country Learning Hubs implement activities to respond to learning priorities aligned with the IRMMA framework by providing tailored and collaborative capacity strengthening, and systematic and robust monitoring and learning for IRMMA-aligned interventions. Learn how the IRMMA framework can help countries reach zero-dose children and missed communities.

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